DVD, Canine Cineradiography

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A study of Bone and Joint Motion as seen through moving X-Rays

Op deze DVD legt Rachel Page Elliot aan de hand van bewegende röntgenbeelden de werking van het gangwerk uit.
Slow motion study of canine bone and joint movement, as seen through moving x-rays, offers a close look at skeletal action inside the dog. Dogs were individually filmed and fluoroscoped while moving on a speed-controlled treadmill in a laboratory. Different types of dogs were chosen to illustrate different ways of moving, some showing normal structure and gait, others with faulty action due to serious orthopedic problems. The study includes x-ray views from the side as well as views from beneath the moving dog. For better understanding the narration is clarified with plain text captions and graphic effects as a veterinarian explains what the film is revealing, and how variances in structure help or hinder performance. This dvd supplements Dogsteps dvd with additional material; it was filmed during the same time period, but has recently been re-mastered.
Auteur: Rachel Page Elliott
Speelduur: 45 min.
Taal: Engels