Dogsteps, DVD

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What to look for in a dog

Via deze DVD legt Rachel Page Elliot aan de hand van voorbeelden uit hoe het gangwerk van de hond werkt.

In clear, simple wording this DVD offers an analysis of a wide variety of dogs that illustrate differences in conformation, quality of physical structure, and ways of moving. Photographerd in slow motion, the subjects are shown gaiting from the side and coming toward and going away from the viewer. Some are shown performing the tasks for which they were bred. Included in the study are anatomical diagrams and film clips of still and moving x-rays which provide a look at bone and joint motion inside the dog. Illustrations throughout the DVD emphasize the importance of sound structure and show how serious deviations may affect efficiency and endurance. This DVD is the perfect companion to Rachel Page Elliott's award-winning book, Dogsteps, A New Look.
Auteur Rachel Page Elliott
Speelduur 65 min.
Taal Engels